Monday, 28 February 2011


"Puzzles"..Means "Life" to me.. In where you should to find your life direction, in order to accomplish something in your life..It might be something that you wish to have, your ambition, your success or maybe something unique and special for you. Whatever it is,you need to be hard work to find each and one pieces of your life direction. And samething goes to "Puzzles". In order for you to complete it, for sure, you'll try to find the pieces and match it 1 by 1 isn't? Its not easy as what you think. Someone have to be patient enough. There's no shortcut for you, except you come and call for your friend to complete it together with you. But i don't think so they will be always there for you. Because most of your life, you'll do everything for your ownself without any help from any others,especially in making decisions in your life direction. Each and one of the puzzles is on behalf of your bitter,pain and sweet memories..

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