Monday, 25 April 2011

Smile mine of ~

I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than attempting to satisfy them.

The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions—the little soon-forgotten charities of a kiss, a smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment in the disguise of a playful raillery, and the countless other infinitessimals of pleasurable thought and genial feeling. 

Our life's a stage, a comedy: either learn to play and take it lightly, or bear its troubles patiently.

The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it.

As I grow to understand life less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

There are no classes in life for beginners: right away you are always asked to deal with what is most difficult.

Tomorrow never die ^________^

Happiness depends more on the inwards disposition of mind than on outward of circumstances..

To be with my friends is the most happening time of me when i'm far apart from  my family.. Certain friend can be your good listener,your motivator or else family members..

Smile as much as you can.. From your smile, other people can even fall  for you hehehhe...
Yeahhh come on!! Let;s have some fun of taking pictures! this is my collection with my friend.. ^____________^

The memory that i will never erase from my mind & never from my heart~ ^_^

My collection in September 2011 ~ Aidilfitri time..